Wednesday, 20 November 2013

Science and Song

So today I had the most enjoyable morning...I spent time with a fantastic group of teachers today who are looking at new ways to engage students. One of the things they wanted more resources on was about how to use music in the classroom. I have brainstormed a list of resources (which I found so much fun to compile) that I will share with them but also wanted to share more broadly. Do you have things you would add? Please let me know as I encourage music in all parts of our life.

Anyone who also wants to contribute academic references about why music is so important or personal narratives...please do so...

As I write this I'm listening to a Mr Parr's Periodic Table his Physical Science Playlist and I'm feeling like dancing around my office!

Articles/Research work

    • Dr. Emdin’s work -
      • Emdin, C. (2010). Affiliation and alienation: hip‐hop, rap, and urban science education. Journal of Curriculum Studies42(1), 1-25.
    • Science with Tom - Blog on Science rap battles -

    • Other Articles
    • Kelly, G. J., & Chen, C. (1999). The sound of music: Constructing science as sociocultural practices through oral and written discourse. Journal of Research in Science Teaching36(8), 883-915.
    • Papastergiou, M. (2009). Digital Game-Based Learning in high school Computer Science education: Impact on educational effectiveness and student motivation. Computers & Education52(1), 1-12.
    • I found remarkably little in searching on science and music ....suggestions from others?


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